Adding and Subtracting!

A couple new and improved features!

I’ve added some… really very title lookup thing for adding an item to your collection. It’s not quite up to what I had in mind, but it will save you some time. If it doesn’t work, you can still grab the ASIN from amazon 😛

Also, (and probably more importantly) I’ve added support for removing items from your collection. When you’re browsing through your collection, if you see something you don’t own or want there, you can click it’s title. That will bring you to a detail view. Therein you will find a trash can icon and the words “Remove from collection”. Clicking that will take you to the delete page… which will make sure you really want to delete it.

There is also support for games now, so gamers: rejoice!

Coming next: Ratings! I should have had this up from the very beginning… but, soon you’ll be able to rate the titles in your collection with on a 5-star scale.


We added some paging navigation…

Okay… so I wanted to make it a bit more convenient for browsing collections, so I added pages. Currently you can view ten items per page. Soon I might have that configurable.

To add the paging, I had to rewrite the way the collections were rendered. I’m working on the item add interface, as well as adding the social icing to this cake.

I know this is going slowly… but, I want to make sure I get this right.

URL Tips

Here’s some handy tips for finding interesting stuff.

Try nifty tag combos by putting a + between the tags you want to look for in the url:

… for all media, (books, music, dvds) tagged with romance and comedy.

there’s several options: after you can put /media /dvds /music or /books (“media” being the catch-all.) after that, if you want to restrict to just a specific user you can add their username…

… for all my dvds.

if you wanted to restrict it to any specific tags, add /tag/(tagyou’relookingfor).. so if you wanted, say, all my scifi books:

🙂 enjoy.


Technical difficulties.

It seems we’ve run into some problem with the add item function. I’ll get it taken care of (as well as adding some sorely need add item functions (and delete item functions)) soon.

Please remember, this isn’t even BETA yet 🙂

EDIT: I think we’ve got the issues worked out with the add item thing, so add away!

Please Note…

a couple of things to note, might be helpful to read.

a few of things to note:

1) this site has barely been launched. it’s only recently left the confines of my powerbook. that means 1.a) there’s still a loooot of missing functionality. 1.b) there might be a few bugs.

now, onto 2) i don’t quite yet have a help file set up, and the add item page isn’t as … intuitive as i’d like it. here’s some help… the easiest way to get the ASIN/ISBN number that i’m asking for in the add item page is through amazon. for example: blah de blah

that url (well the actual source, not the one you can read there) is the url for … some lord of the rings movie. the number i’m asking for is the one between the slashes after product and before the first blah: B000067DNF

also, a lot of the product pages have the number listed in the description elsewhere. 🙁 please bear with me, as i intend to take over the planet, with baby steps.
finally 3) so far, i’m the only person working on this site. if you’d like to help, let me know!


up and running: so far so good.

i decided to just upload this site and get it out there. there’s still definitely a lot to be worked on… and i feel… anxious is the word, i guess.

is there anything quite like the smell of a fresh domain and server in the morning?