web scriptery

it’s so cool it puts the ‘ice’ in ‘web service’

We’ve finally added a bit o’ javascript that you can include on your website for your collection.

You can see it in action here, actually, on the right side of this blog’s home page. I put that up there, as a demonstration.

To get this same kinda dealybopper on YOUR webpage, you just need to add:

<div id='librarious'>
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://lib.rario.us/media/sxtxixtxcxh/js'></script>
<a href='http://lib.rario.us' title='lib.rario.us - social media cataloging'><img src='http://lib.rario.us/image/librarious_badge_85.gif' border='0' /></a>

(of course you’ll substitute my user name for yours.)

The results are enclosed in div tags assigned specific classnames. The following is the CSS I have pasted above my script:

	<style type='text/css'>
	/* this is just a basic css sheet, feel free to hack away at it! */
		#librarious{width: 150px;padding: 10px;}
		.librarious_item{margin-bottom: 10px;padding-bottom: 10px;width:130px;overflow:auto;}
		.librarious_title{margin-bottom: 10px;font-weight: bold;}
		.librarious_cover{float: left;padding-right: 10px;padding-bottom: 10px;}
		.librarious_review{margin-left: 60px;padding-bottom: 10px;}
		.librarious_rating{margin-left: 60px;padding-bottom: 10px;font-size: .75em;}
		.librarious_tags{margin-left: 60px;padding-bottom: 10px;font-size: .75em;}
		.librarious_noReview{color:#808080;font-size: .75em;}

I’m sure people can get really creative with the CSS. Feel free to send me if you have something interesting, I plan on having a little CSS gallery/repository (a little zen garden, if you will).

The resulting markup for each item ideally looks like:

<div class='librarious_item'>
	<div class='librarious_title'>
		<a href='http://lib.rario.us/media/sxtxixtxcxh/7375'>True Names: And the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier - Vernor Vinge</a>
	<div class='librarious_cover'>
		<a href='http://lib.rario.us/media/sxtxixtxcxh/7375' title='True Names: And the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier - Vernor Vinge'>
		<img src='http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0312862075.01._SX50_.jpg' width='50' alt='True Names: And the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier' border='0' /></a>
	<div class='librarious_review'>
		an anthology of essays discussing topics touched on vernor vinge's short story
	<div class='librarious_rating'>
		3/5 stars
	<div class='librarious_tags'>
		<a href='http://lib.rario.us/media/sxtxixtxcxh/tag/scifi'>scifi</a>

Just like the urls for the rss feeds, you can change media to books, dvds, music, or games to restrict results to those types. Also, you can add /tag/[keywords here] to restrict the results to those specific tags.

For example:

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://lib.rario.us/books/sxtxixtxcxh/tag/webdesign+reference/js'></script>

I could use that code above to show the last 10 books, that I’ve tagged with webdesign AND reference.

There are a few advanced options as well.

  • hideTitle=true
  • hideCover=true
  • hideReview=true
  • hideRating=true
  • hideTags=true
  • reviewLength=20
  • limit=3

The “reviewLength” can be set to show any number of characters (setting it to 0 will have the same effect as hideReview=true) and “limit” will show the number of items to show from 0 (… Why would you choose that?) to 10 (the default).

The 8th rule of fight club is if this is your first night at fight club, you have to fight. Also, if this is your first time ever using a “query string” here’s how it goes: you can string those advanced options by first adding a question mark after the “js” in that script separating them with a & like so:

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://lib.rario.us/books/sxtxixtxcxh/js?hideTitle=true&hideReview=true'></script>

That’s hiding the title and the reviews.

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://lib.rario.us/dvds/sxtxixtxcxh/tag/scifi+anime/js?hideTitle=true&reviewLength=50&hideRating=true&hideTags=true&limit=3'></script>

That will give me a listing of 3 of my most recent dvds that I’ve tagged with scifi AND anime, hide the titles, and only show the first 50 characters of my review for each item.



phunky phresh prophile pages

I’ve added some more stuff to the user pages… some contact type info and what not. You can see what I mean on my profile page. It’s not much, but it works (and, ideally, at some point in the future, will be phunky phresh as advertised).

I’m especially interested in seeing other people websites/blogs.

A note on privacy: The last name fields will not be public, and we’re only asking for it for our soon-to-be user searching feature. Also, we do not intend to sell any email addresses as we are firm believers that everytime you sell an email address Domo Kun eats a kitten (and we like kittens). Also, you will not receive any bulk emails from us, unless you opt-in (which you can’t do yet, as we are not bulk emailing anyone at this time).

Also, do not forget, if you want to contact us, you can do so here.

A quick note

new pages: a colophon and a donations area

We’ve added a colophon to the site. Hopefully it helps people understand the people behind the scenes a bit better (and if not, that’s okay. We sometimes don’t understand us either. 🙂 ).

Also, at the risk of sounding… needy, we’ve set up a donate page. The main reason I’m bringing this up, is I haven’t tested it yet. It’s currently set up to donate to my sxtxixtxcxh@gmail.com account; it was one I had set up previously for my other project: endignorance.com.

You’ll find a link to those two pages on the bottom of the site.

Let me know immediately if there are any problems.


a bit o’ javascriptery

I’ve put together a quick javascriptlet or favelet or bookmarklet or browserbutton… whatever they’re called.

edit: Well.. oops. WordPress was doing some ‘smart’ formating. You can find the link on this page.

Just drag the link titled ‘add to lib.rario.us’ onto your bookmarks bar (or right click and add to favorites). When you’re on Amazon’s site and you come across something you own, clicking that will take you to the add item form (you may have to log in first), click submit, and it should take you right back to Amazon. Also, feel free to review and tag it while you’re adding. 🙂


new sorting options, and ubuntu!

I made a change to the tool bar; you now have an option to sort by popularity. If you’re browsing by popularity in the main media collections section, you’ll notice it only shows the first instance of that title. If you want to see who else owns that title, you’ll have to click through to the title’s main discussion page.

The title’s main discussion page shows an averaged rating, and lists out the reviews given by people that own that specific title. I’ll be working on that area a bit more.

Also, it was brought to my attention that firefox 1.0.7 in ubuntu was choking on lib.rario.us… I’ve tracked that problem down to the tag clouds. I’ve had no problem in firefox (if you have admistrative access, you’d do well to upgrade firefox anyway :P) and no rendering issues with opera.

I’ve never run Ubuntu before, however, I’ve found the experience rather enlightening. It’s a pretty solid alternative to windows, and comes preinstalled with open source alternatives to oft-need windows staples. Also included was the slick multi-protocol chat program gaim. If any of you are curious about Ubuntu, I’d suggest downloading the “Live” CD… with which you can boot from and immediately test your machine’s compatibility with the operating sytsem. After doing that, I downloaded the install disc for this satellite, burned it with os x’s disk utility on the imac. The installation had a disk partitioner that resized the ntfs partition on this laptop, instantly making this single boot winxp laptop into a dualboot monster. In fact, I’m in Ubuntu now… 🙂

I didn’t mean to turn this into a Linux rant, but if you can’t tell I’m a bit excited about it. I haven’t used linux as a desktop in 5 years, and it was quickly obvious how far it’s come.


comments for items in the collection.

There have been so many times while working on this site, I’ll see something someone put up and want to say something… but couldn’t. Until now.

I’ve added the ability to comment on items in the collections. There is a preview button (and it’s not just there to look pretty 😉 ).

BEHOLD! The first comment!

Let’s get the social part of this whole shindig going!

Guten Tag!

for reals this time…

I’ve set up the tag search (as previously mentioned, though now it plays nice with firefox).

Also, I’m doing a bit of rearranging on the side bars, hopefully for the better.

And finally, I’ve added the author (director/artist) info, as well as giving you the option to sort with that info. If you’re sorting by author or title, the site doesn’t display the items in the collection without the info by which you’re sorting.


Gooey Toolbars

sorting, tag search, and the like…

I’ve set up a little tool bar when you’re browsing through the collections. It should help in a few ways. It helps you figure out where you are, it gives you quick access to the RSS feeds available, and gives you access to some sorting.

It should be pretty self explanatory; however, let me know if you have any problems with it. I’ll be adding some indication on the sorting links so it’ll be easier to figure out how that’s being applied.

I’ve also added a little tag search box which will get spiffied up soon. You’ll find that under the tag cloud box when you’re browsing through the media. Currently, searches with that box will be applied to whatever section you’re browsing through. I’ll be adding some more options soon.

edit: Actually… that tag search box seemed to do funny things in firefox. I wasn’t having any problems in Safari. I’ll fix this soon.

Warp speed, Mr. Sulu!

optimization, rss and a bit more…

I’ve made quite a bit of changes under the lib.rario.us hood, I hope you all notice. (Actually, I more hope that you hadn’t noticed the horrid performance prior 😉 )

I’ve started adding sorting support and the promised RSS… now to put a friendly GUI to it all. If you’re feeling intrepid, you start experimenting with the rss by adding /rss at the end of most URLs like so:


You can substitute books, music, or games for media if you want to get to the most recent feeds for them.

It should work for any of the aforementioned media, any username and and tag/tag combination, behold:


I’m still working on it, however, so… let me know how it goes. 🙂