new sorting options, and ubuntu!

I made a change to the tool bar; you now have an option to sort by popularity. If you’re browsing by popularity in the main media collections section, you’ll notice it only shows the first instance of that title. If you want to see who else owns that title, you’ll have to click through to the title’s main discussion page.

The title’s main discussion page shows an averaged rating, and lists out the reviews given by people that own that specific title. I’ll be working on that area a bit more.

Also, it was brought to my attention that firefox 1.0.7 in ubuntu was choking on lib.rario.us… I’ve tracked that problem down to the tag clouds. I’ve had no problem in firefox (if you have admistrative access, you’d do well to upgrade firefox anyway :P) and no rendering issues with opera.

I’ve never run Ubuntu before, however, I’ve found the experience rather enlightening. It’s a pretty solid alternative to windows, and comes preinstalled with open source alternatives to oft-need windows staples. Also included was the slick multi-protocol chat program gaim. If any of you are curious about Ubuntu, I’d suggest downloading the “Live” CD… with which you can boot from and immediately test your machine’s compatibility with the operating sytsem. After doing that, I downloaded the install disc for this satellite, burned it with os x’s disk utility on the imac. The installation had a disk partitioner that resized the ntfs partition on this laptop, instantly making this single boot winxp laptop into a dualboot monster. In fact, I’m in Ubuntu now… 🙂

I didn’t mean to turn this into a Linux rant, but if you can’t tell I’m a bit excited about it. I haven’t used linux as a desktop in 5 years, and it was quickly obvious how far it’s come.