• Edward Scissorhands [Region 2]
    Edward Scissorhands [Region 2]
    Tim Burton
    It was a decent movie. I mean, there were parts of it that got tedious. I'm not really "in the culture" enough to enjoy the hell out of it.

    I'd watch it again, but I'd prolly fast-forward through some portions of it. You should prolly see it at some point, though, for the sake of it.

    Or don't, it's not that crucial.

    Oh, shit, I think I just pissed off that 17 year old vampire who'se hanging out of her parent's white volvo.

    Oh, no, that's my sister. I don't care.
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  • Amelie
    Jean-Pierre Jeunet
    zomg <3

    This is quite possibly my favorite movie ever. There's really nothing bad about it. I challenge you to find something bad with it.

    Well, go on, try.


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  • A Beautiful Mind [Region 2]
    A Beautiful Mind [Region 2]
    Okay, so this movie kicked serious amounts of ass. It had me confused to the point where I thought I was seeing shit until it got buttoned up at the end. Made me really interested in John Nash.

    So I read about him.

    Come to find out this isn't like his life exactly.

    Or... at all.

    He had a mistress.

    That's a pretty big puzzle piece. But it would have ruined the ending speech, which is touching. Would have meant more if he came out and said he cheated.

    Still pretty impressive.
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  • Forrest Gump (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)
    Forrest Gump (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)
    Oh man, oh man. He likes chocolates.

    Bubba likes shrimp.

    And Forrest is the luckiest motherfucker _ever_. Were this movie true, America's developmental phase would have been as dependent on Forrest Gump as the future of America was back in the day when J.P. Morgan gave it a loan.

    I mean, honestly, if you've never seen and cried at this movie, where the fuck've you been?

    Yea, I cried at the end.

    Jenny had cancer you insensitive prick.
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  • Lord of War (2-Disc Special Edition)
    Lord of War (2-Disc Special Edition)
    Andrew Niccol
    I like Nick Cage. Most people hate him. So I like him, only to play devils advocate, mostly. Though, in this flick, he was actually a pretty decent actor.

    It was one of those alienating movies where you watch it and get involved in the characters lives so much that when it ends, it puts your life in perspective and you go "Well, shit... I guess it could be worse."

    A bit gruesome in some parts *cough*hole-in-head*cough*. And they showed children getting shot. A lot.

    And you might sit back and say "Unecessary to show, bad, rah rah" but to be fair, it happens every day.

    Hopefully you see it and go "God damn, I fucking hate Nick Cage and gun violence!"

    And then you donate heavily to a charity.

    I know you won't, you'll just bitch about it being too gruesome.

    I know, I know, I hate documentaries too.
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  • American History X
    American History X
    Tony Kaye
    No question about it, this movie is a must see. It's horrible, it's violent, its grusome, and there's a scene where one guy who I think is a porn actor is all-too-happy to hold the left leg of Edward Norton as he's getting raped in a shower.

    There's two real scenes you have to kinda... eh... shy away from watching intently. The curb scene, and the shower scene.

    If you don't know about them, you need to.

    I mean, it's overly violent, but that's sorta the point of the movie. It's also hearwrenchingly depressing at the end. It's not too gorry, it's more mentally draining to watch it.

    You won't be disappointed if you watch it in the right mindset. Again, I saw this for the first time in Theology class.

    Under the guise of determining the morality of the characters involved. Which is, I mean, c'mon, pretty hardcore for a theology class.
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  • American Beauty (Widescreen Edition)
    American Beauty (Widescreen Edition)
    Sam Mendes
    I liked this movie. It was well done. I'm gonna call it cornerstone because it has a lot of reference made to it. It also is very good based souly on its merit.

    Which is rare.

    But it's still pretty hardcore. Also, I saw this first in Religion class. That makes it all the more awesome, given that it opens with a masturbation scene.

    Not a big deal, normally, but the administration almost had a heart attack.
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  • The Boondock Saints [UMD for PSP]
    The Boondock Saints [UMD for PSP]
    Troy Duffy
    Irish Catholics.

    With guns.

    Violent flick, named the "class movie" of my graduating class in catholic high school.

    We watched it in theology class.

    Honest to christ.

    Some people don't like it because of it's gore, but I watched it under the beginning guise of rating the morality of two men doing the work of the Angel of Death.

    And that's how I always see it, just kinda sliding the morality scale on the brothers.

    "Well, they were russian mobsters, so that lessens the murder. And it was self defense, so even more down. But they killed a guy with a toilet, so I'll up that on the scale, because they showed it."

    There wasn't a whole lot of gore, but they did show more than they were required to in some places *cough*cat*cough* which was unecessary and kinda made it harder to not go "Ohh, jesus, that was unecessary."
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  • From Hell (Widescreen Edition)
    From Hell (Widescreen Edition)
    Albert Hughes
    Oh snap. Jack Teh Ripper. This was an actually decent twist. And Johnny did Absinthe.

    He also "Chased the Dragon", if you know what I mean. (Pot)

    Also, it had decent literary quotes littered through it, and was, from what I learned through college, a pretty accurate representation of london in those days.

    So bravo, Johnny, another creepy pic under your belt.
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  • The Matador (Widescreen Edition)
    The Matador (Widescreen Edition)
    Richard Shepard
    It was a decent flick about killin. My friend didn't much care for it, because there wasn't enough killin in it. But I thought it was good.

    It was Pierce running around with Greg. Pierce was being funny, and Greg was being serious. And lame. But there was feeling in it, and that made it okay.
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