• The Matrix
    The Matrix
    Andy Wachowski
    Oh MAN, was this movie hardcore. I remember seeing this as a kid and going "Shit, I hope _I_ get turned into an agent. Angets RULE SHIT."

    But alas, no. I was never turned into an agent.

    And this was turned into an ever increasing academic mastrubation fest on bad philosophy questions. It started of noble, and with good philosophical intentions.

    By the third movie, though, it was down to

    "What do I do?"
    "What do you think you do?"
    "Not what, Neo. Who? You."
    "No, serious, Morph, what the fuck do I do now?"
    "What do you FEEL like you should do? Only in what you feel is the future to what you do can be found."
    "...Wait, what? That didn't even fucking make SYNTACTICAL sense."
    "When you can understand the bullshit, the bullshit will be yours."
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