• Monsters, Inc. (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
    Monsters, Inc. (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
    Docter, Peter
    "Monsters Inc. is 'visually dazzling, action packed and hilarious' featuring groundbreaking animation, imaginative storytelling and unforgettable voice talent. John Goodman stars as the lovable James P. Sullivan (Sulley) and Billy Crystal as his wise-cracking best friend, Mike Wazowski."
    a dvd added by caritas5's avatar caritas5 on May 9, 2007 | 17 users.
  • Raising Arizona
    Raising Arizona
    Ethan Coen
    "Nicholas Cage, Holly Hunter, and John Goodmn star in Ethan and Joel Coen's acclaimed screwball love story filled with mad chases, unexpected plot twists and wild pyrotechnics. Vowing to go straight, a convenience store bandit proposes marriage to the police department's photographer. All is wedded bliss until they discover she's unable to get pregnant and are turned down by every adoption agency in town. It doesn't take long before they realize the only solution is to kidnap one of the town's celebrated quintuplets and hit the road!"
    a dvd added by caritas5's avatar caritas5 on Apr 30, 2007 | 2 users.
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