• The Tin Drum - Criterion Collection
    The Tin Drum - Criterion Collection
    Gary Don Rhodes
    "Danzig, 1924. Oskar Matzerath is born with an intellect beyond his infancy. As he witnesses the hypocrisy of adulthood and the irresponsibility of society, Oskar rejects both, and, on his third birthday, refuses to grow. Caught in a baffling state of perpetual childhood, Oskar lashes out at all he surveys with piercing screams and frantic poundings on his tin drum, while the unheeding, chaotic world marches onward to the madness and folly of World War II. Honored with the Palm d'Or at the 1979 Cannes Film Festival and the 1979 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Volker Schlondorff's The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel) is a truly visionary adaptation of Nobel Laureate Gunter Grass' acclaimed novel, an unforgettable fantasia of surreal imagery, striking eroticism, and unflinching satire."
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  • Triumph of the Will (Special Edition)
    Triumph of the Will (Special Edition)
    Leni Riefenstahl
    "Leni Riefenstahl's classic piece of historical filmmaking, filmed during the 1934 Nazi Party Rally in Nuremburg, Germany is considered by many to be one of the most important and controversial films ever made.
    The film, realized by Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Reich Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, was created to influence all of Germany to support the "power" of the Nazi Party. All during World War II in every theatre in Germany, either part or all of Triumph of the Will was shown.
    Funded entirely by the NSDAP (the Nazi Party), Hitler hired the young actress/director Leni Riefenstahl to direct. Money was unlimited, so Riefenstahl was eating and sleeping in the editing room with hundreds of thousands of feet of film for several months. All of the shots in Triumph are carefully constructed. Sets were specially built to accommodate cameras and Hitler was filmed separately from the crowds so Riefenstahl could edit together a film that would manipulate imagery and seduce the mind.
    An historically significant and, at times, horrifying manipulative exercise in propaganda for the Nazi regime, Triumph of the Will continues to be controversial over sixty years after its original release. This historical document has been unavailable in Germany for many decades and Leni Riefenstahl has since come under fire for her personal relationship with Adolph Hitler. spending her life in the shadow of collaborating with the Nazi Party."
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  • Wings of Desire (Special Edition)
    Wings of Desire (Special Edition)
    Wim Wenders
    "From Oscar-nominated writer/director Wim Wenders comes this exhilerating and life-affirming tale that won him the 1987 Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival and inspired City of Angels. Co-written with Peter Handke, this enchanting film about the joy of life is 'that rare thing...a work of true originality.' Daniel is a lonely angel who roams the streets of Berlin providing comfort to mortals in need. But when he is drawn into the life of a beautiful--and troubled--trapeze artist, he experiences love for the first time and does everything in his power to be seen, heard and felt by her. Jeopardizing his divine position, Damiel is faced with a most difficult decision, either give up love...or lose his eternal wings forever."
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  • Winter Sleepers
    Winter Sleepers
    Tom Tykwer
    "Tom Tykwer's thriller Winter Sleepers is a haunting film about passion, emotions, love and death set in motion by a mysterious car accident. It opens with a terrible sense of foreboding, which envelops the stillness of winter. Almost hallucinatory events begin to unfold and engulf four young people--Laura, Marco, Rebecca, and Rene--who have little or nothing in common with each other. When local farmer Theo enters the picture , their lives change directions forever. Their paths cross only briefly, but this crossing gives new and unforseen meaning to their lives."
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  • M - 2 Disc Special Edition - Criterion Collection
    M - 2 Disc Special Edition - Criterion Collection
    Fritz Lang
    "A Simple, haunting phrase whistled off-screen tells us that a young girl will be killed. "Who is the murderer?" pleads a nearby placard as serial killer Hans Beckert closes in on little Elise Beckmann. In his harrowing masterwork M, Fritz Lang merges trenchant social commentary with chilling suspense, creating a panorama of private madness and public hysteria that to this day remains the blueprint for the psychological thriller."
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  • Run Lola Run
    Run Lola Run
    Tom Tykwer
    "A thrilling post-MTV, roller-coaster ride, Run Lola Run is the internationally acclaimed sensation about two star-crossed lovers who have only minutes to change the course of their lives. Time is running out for Lola. She's just received a frantic phone call from her boyfriend Manni, who's lost a small fortune belonging to his mobster boss. If Lola doesn't replace the money in twenty minutes, Manni will surely suffer severe consequences. Set to a throbbing techno score."
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  • The Edukators
    The Edukators
    "Jan and Peter are the best friends behind the radical and mysterious group, The Edukators, united by their passion to change the world...When the rich go on vacation, The Edukators break into their homes. They don't steal, but simply rearrange everything, leaving the message, "Your days of plenty are numbered."
    When Peter's girlfriend Jule moves in, she joins them in their subversive activities. But when a rich businessman catches them in the act, they rashly decide to kidnap him. Faced with the values of the generation in power, they will see what kind of revolutionaries they are, if their friendship can survive, and discover if they truly work in the interest of the greater good, or just in their own self-interest. Passions rage and loyalties shatter..."
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  • The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser
    The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser
    Werner Herzog
    "In 1828, as if out of nowhere, a young man appeared in Nuremberg's town square. He had no history, spoke only a few words, and could not stand upright. Having been locked in a basement for 17 years, Kaspar Hauser was more beast than man.
    Who was he and where did he come from?
    Despite attempts by townsfolk to understand and civilize him, Kasper became little more than a sideshow attraction. And though the mystery of his origins remained unanswered, perhaps the biggest question of all was, why did someone want him dead?
    Based on a true story, Werner Herzog's poignant, often funny, and unforgettable tale of "the enigma of the century"-punctuated by a brilliant performance by Bruno S.-will haunt viewers forever."<br>
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  • Das Boot - The Director's Cut
    Das Boot - The Director's Cut
    Wolfgang Petersen
    "One of the most critically acclaimed war movies of all-time." The film follows a 'squadron' of U-boat soldiers as they attempt to elude the enemy. It is a dramatic portrayal of men under pressure.
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