This site was built by M. Dave Auayan. It was built because we wanted a place to go to share the contents of our bookshelves with our friends and family.

We built this city...

On rock and roll. We also used:

  • TextMate
  • Transmit
  • Photoshop
  • Mac OS X

About the server

We are currently hosted with DreamHost* . All the server side stuff was hand written (well, not by HAND, but you know) on a Titanium PowerBook, all powered with PHP and MySQL.

* yes, that's a referral link.


Many of the icons are from the Fugue set by Pinvoke or the omnipresent Silk set from FamFamFam.


The developers are fueled by probably too much Mt. Dew and Doritos, too many late late nights, and most definitely too many Totino's party pizzas. Also, iTunes & a combination so powerful, we should hope it only be used for good.

You can help with a generous donation. :)


remember me?