importing and configurating

point. click. copy. paste.

Jim has updated his CSV parsing code, and what that means to those of us who aren’t php artists is that the import features should work a lot more efficiently.

You can import your collection from a text export of your delicious library here or the LibraryThing_TD.xls file from librarything here. Let me know how these work out for you.

Secondly, remember when I announced the javascript web badge thingy? Well… in case messing around with the query string thing was too complicated, and copy/paste is your kinda thing (Hey, I’m not being condescending. How do you think the code for this site was written?), you can try out the brand spankin’ new badge configurator! A nice little GUI for setting all those ‘advanced options’.

Soon, I’ll add a GUI for configuring the CSS so you can customize it for your site, without having to hack into the provided script. Point. Click. Copy. Paste.