Adding and Subtracting!

A couple new and improved features!

I’ve added some… really very title lookup thing for adding an item to your collection. It’s not quite up to what I had in mind, but it will save you some time. If it doesn’t work, you can still grab the ASIN from amazon 😛

Also, (and probably more importantly) I’ve added support for removing items from your collection. When you’re browsing through your collection, if you see something you don’t own or want there, you can click it’s title. That will bring you to a detail view. Therein you will find a trash can icon and the words “Remove from collection”. Clicking that will take you to the delete page… which will make sure you really want to delete it.

There is also support for games now, so gamers: rejoice!

Coming next: Ratings! I should have had this up from the very beginning… but, soon you’ll be able to rate the titles in your collection with on a 5-star scale.