Please Note…

a couple of things to note, might be helpful to read.

a few of things to note:

1) this site has barely been launched. it’s only recently left the confines of my powerbook. that means 1.a) there’s still a loooot of missing functionality. 1.b) there might be a few bugs.

now, onto 2) i don’t quite yet have a help file set up, and the add item page isn’t as … intuitive as i’d like it. here’s some help… the easiest way to get the ASIN/ISBN number that i’m asking for in the add item page is through amazon. for example: blah de blah

that url (well the actual source, not the one you can read there) is the url for … some lord of the rings movie. the number i’m asking for is the one between the slashes after product and before the first blah: B000067DNF

also, a lot of the product pages have the number listed in the description elsewhere. 🙁 please bear with me, as i intend to take over the planet, with baby steps.
finally 3) so far, i’m the only person working on this site. if you’d like to help, let me know!

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