About lib.rario.us

"What if there was a website where you could put up all your stuff, so your friends and family know what you had and what kinds of things you like?" -Nicole Auayan

In late 2005, we started this project on a whim. It seemed like a simple enough project, and indeed the idea was simple, so I volunteered, "Yeah, I could make that". As many of you may be familiar, the simplest ideas tend to be difficult to execute properly.

I built started it on top of a sort of custom framework that I had built with a small library of common routines. I sent the link to a couple friends, I started a blog to keep my friends up to date with the features that I was adding. Eventually, it was discovered by a few random internet users, and went "viral". I had to stop moving forward to correct many of the shortcuts I was taking. It went from rapid development, to rapid optimization. I learned a lot during that time, and I do wish to thank everyone for taking interest early on.

Eventually, I neglected the project as adding new features grew more difficult, and started several other toy projects, using a new framework that a friend of mine had started building, with the goal of eventually incorporating new design patterns into my répertoire and eventually rewrite lib.rario.us, on top of a modern, modular base.

What that means to you is that I hope to be able to provide a better experience and better performance as we go forward.

About Prototype Apps

At the moment, Prototype Apps (formerly known as Prototype Creative) is just me, M. Dave Auayan, a web developer and full time internet junkie. I started writing HTML in 1995, and started dabbling in back end scripting languages in 2000. I currently live in Seattle, with Nicole, and our two daughters.


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